Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions in this section will govern all sales concerning our store unless otherwise  agreed to in writing, signed dtecables.com by an authorized agent. Terms and Conditions contained in this section are as follows in each  section.  Customer's agree to all the following terms and conditions listed  below once a purchase is made.  It is very important that each customer  reads all of the following terms and conditions completely.  If you as  a customer are unsure of any terms listed below please call and speak with a  customer service representative for clarification.  The terms are here to  protect both the dtecables.com and it's  customers.  The dtecables.com has the right to change and update  the following terms and condition at anytime.  It is recommended that you  read the terms and conditions before placing an order, and also look to see  if any revision have been made.  Revision will be posted in this section  from time to time.  As they occur we will indicate this revision as an  Update to terms and date this revision for you to help save time.  Note that  the dtecables.com will not assume any responsibility for any  damage to equipment, data or other property resulting from the use of our  products or services.  The customer assume all responsibility for the use of  each product purchased.  It is recommended that the customer make sure that  the product being purchase suit his or her application needs properly. 

Shipping and Order  Placement

All  orders placed with the dtecables.com are shipped FOB our warehouse in Sellersville, PA to insure against  shipping error.  All standard product orders that are received by 3:30 pm  EST. will be shipped the same day unless notified.  Any orders received  after 3:00 pm (EST). will be shipped the following business day.  All orders  placed with the dtecables.com will receive an order conformation sent via e-mail.  All customers may call  and speak with a live sales representative.  (Note: the online store is  there for your convenience for 24 hour order placement.  Our customer  service representatives are in Monday through Friday 8:30am till 5:00pm  (EST).    Since we ship via UPS we are subject to their shipping schedules.   You can check with us or UPS directly during holidays to see which days they  are running.  Orders shipped outside of the USA and Canada may be charged a  minimum of $5.00 handling fee.  The  dtecables.com reserves the right to ship from other  locations if necessary, customer will be notified if shipping change takes  place. 

 Tracking Orders

Customers may check the status of their UPS package via our online package  tracking system which can be found in our Customer Services section of our  online store.  Tracking a package requires ups to scan the package and  upload it into their system.  This information may not be available until  the next business day.  We do not offer Tracking for Federal Express or the  United States Postal Service online with us currently. 


The dtecables.com offers a 30 day money back  guarantee.  Within 30 days of purchase if you are not completely satisfied  with the purchase you may obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA)  number from a dtecables.com Customer Service representative.  This (RMA) number must appear on the  outside of each package being returned.  The (RMA) number is for internal  use so we can receive and process each return for credit properly.  Returns  received without an (RMA) number will be refused or received without credit  issued.  Products being returned for credit must be shipped to us with  freight prepaid.  The dtecables.com will determine if credit can be issued upon evaluation of the returned  products.  Stock items ordered in error must have a Return Material  Authorization (RMA) number issued within 30 days of the original order date.  These parts are eligible for full credit only if the returned products and  packaging are in mint and resalable condition.  A repackaging charge not to  exceed 10% of the sale price may be charged on any products not returned  unopened. Under no circumstances will credit be issued after 30 days from  date of invoice.  All freight charges are the responsibility of the  customer.  We recommend that all returns are sent back to us via UPS or  Federal Express for tracking purposes.  The  dtecables.com does not accept responsibility for any  returned products that do not make it back to our location.  Defective items  must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number called in prior to  shipping.  Custom Product are not returnable for any reason unless they are  found to be defective. 

Back Orders

At the  dtecables.com we strive to stock every cable and cabling product listed on our web site,  but from time to time we do run out of stock.  If this happens an e-mail  will be sent to you informing you of current stock in house and when stock  is due into our location to fill this order.  At that time it is your choice  to continue with the current purchase or to cancel that order, balance, or  item from your order.  At the  dtecables.com it is our pleasure to serve you, our valued  customer.  We in no way want to inconvenience you.

 Shortages or Wrong Item

At the  dtecables.com we strive to ship each order complete without any mistakes but if a shortage  or wrong item should occur you must report any problems within 7 business  days of receiving the order, otherwise these orders will be deemed as  complete. 


Pricing is subject to change without notice.  The  dtecables.com reserves the right to correct any  typographical errors. 

 Sales Taxes

Any  orders shipped to or picked up in Pennsylvania is subject to 6% sales tax  and is added, unless Buyer provides an "Pa Sales Exempt Certificate" when  establishing their account. 

Payment  Processing and Security

At the  dtecables.com payments can be made with Credit Cards, currently we  accept Visa, Master Card, American Express,  and Discover.  You can apply for terms with us by completing a credit  application which can be downloaded here.

At the  dtecables.com we take every precaution to protect our users'  personal information and to store it securely.  We protect your credit card  information and other personal information by using SSL (Secure Socket  Layer) technology (the industry standard security protocol), hosting our  site on secure servers, and maintaining Secure Site status from Thawte.   We use E-Commerce  Exchange to process your credit card  information.  We require only the personal  information that is needed for safely processing your online order and for  contacting you about your transactions, if necessary.  It is used  exclusively for that purpose. Your information is safely stored behind a  firewall that protects it from users from other networks.  It is very  important that once you create a Customer ID and password that you keep it private to prevent fraud.   dtecables.comwill not assume responsibility for  circumstances beyond our control.


In  order to purchase from dtecables.com a customers must first go through our customer registration page or complete  this process at the end of there first order.  Customers should know that dtecables.com will not pass your  registration information to any other parties nor will we send unwanted  "sales" emails or faxes (known as spam).  E-mail is the primary means  of communicating with dtecables.com.  Your e-mail address is where your invoices, conformations, and any other  order information will be sent.


We  do warranty all computer cables for 1 full years from the date of purchase,  this warranty entails that all cables will be defect free and in excellent  working condition upon arrival without any flaws to materials or workmanship  to each customer.  If for any reason you suspect a problem with our products  you must report them to us within  7 business days, other wise we will assume the product arrived without any  flaws to materials or workmanship.  The warranty is voided if the product  has abnormal wear and tear due to any other distress caused by misuse.  Any  alteration to the cables or products that the  dtecables.com sells automatic voids any warranty related to each  product. 


At  the dtecables.com we do our best  to ensure all data is current and up to date on our web site, however dtecables.com assumes no  responsibility for inaccurate or out-of-date information within our website.  At the dtecables.com we also  strive to offer the best products and services at affordable prices, but dtecables.com will not assume  responsibility for any damage to equipment, data or other property resulting  from the use of our products or services beyond the price of products  purchased from dtecables.com.   dtecables.com also reserves the right to revise its policies  at any time.


All  trademarks referenced in this web site are the property of the respective  manufacturer..

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