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Network Cables

We specialize in network cables for interconnecting equipment from the following manufacturers:

 At&T / Paradyne
 Bay Networks
 Black Box
 Compaq /dec 
 Digital Link
 Hewlett Packard

  Telco Systems
  U.D.S / Motorola

Listed below are some of the cable types most frequently ordered by our customers:

     V.35MM Cross-over Cables and V.35 Straight Cables
     Micro-D50MM HSSI Cable
     Ascend / Cascade HSSI Cross-over Cable
     Ascend T1 RJ48C Cross-over Cables and Straight-thru
     Cisco Router to Ascend DCE Cables
     HSSI Loop-back Connectors
     Ascend Multiplexer, HD44F Cables
     Dialup Service Cables
     Console / modem Cables
     V.35, RS-449, RS-5320, X.21, RS-232 Cables
     E1 / T1 Cables, DB15 and RJ48c
     Standard Synchronous, Crossover and Pass-through
     LAN Cables
     Cisco Console Cables, Rolled and Straight
     Cisco Modem Cable
     Terminal Cables
     Cisco Octal Cables: V.35, RS449, RS530, X.21
     Cisco / IBM Bus & Tag cables
     Smart Serial Cables
     Aironet Wireless cables and adapters
     Stratacom subrate trunk and data circuit cables
     Management Cable
     RJ45-DB9 Cisco All in One Cable
     Cisco Catalyst Serial Cable
     Cisco Console & AUX Cables and kits
     Console Port Cables, DB25F, DB9, RJ45
     Cisco Modular Adapters
     Cisco Fiber Cables
     Cisco HSSI Cables
     Cisco LFH 60 and LFH 200 Cables

    Octal Cables & Kits
     Cisco Router-to-Router Cables
     Cisco Smart Serial Cables
     T1 & T1/E1 PRI Cables
     T3/E3 & DS3/DS4 Cables
     Multiport interface cables
     BUS and TAG cables, blue and gray
     PS/2 video, mouse and monitor cables
     KVM cables
     IBM 3745 type cables, AS/400
     IBM LIC Cables: DCE, DTE, V.35, LCBB
     IBM RS 6000 Cables, Terminal Interposer Cable, Serial Port Jumper Cable
     IBM RS6000 Direct Connect Serial Cables: Modem, Terminal, Printer
     IBM RS 6000 SCSI Cables
     IBM Token Ring Cables and Adapter Cables, STP Fast Ethernet, TRDC, DB9,  RJ45
     IBM Twinax Cables & Connectors: PVC, Plenum, T connectors, Couplers
     IBM V.35 Cables: DCE, DTE
     Cisco Cables for 805, 2500, 2600, 3000, 3600, 4000, 4500, 4700, 7000, 7500, IGS, AGS+, CGS Series Routers

To order cables and adapters, please E-mail or call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team. Please give us either the manufacturer's cable part numbers you require, or the specific equipment you need to interconnect. We will provide you not only with the cables you require but also with expert technical assistance if needed

Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at its Best !
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