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Custom Fiber Cables

We provide a wide range of cost-effective fiber optic cables utilizing single mode, multimode, and specialty fibers. These cables can be tailored to specific customer applications with custom armoring, low smoke/zero halogen construction techniques and composite fiber/copper cables.

From raw materials to advanced manufacturing facilities, to top level industry expertise, our main goal is to produce the highest quality products and to ensure that you receive precisely the cable you need for your specific application. From straightforward simplex patch cords to long haul MTP cables, we have the resources and expertise to assure your complete satisfaction.

     FDDI Cables
     Biconic to Biconic or SC Cables
     MTP Gigabit Patchcords
     Laser speed 10GB Cables
     ST, LC, SC Mode Conditioning Fiber Patch Cords
     Large Core Specialty Cables
     D4 Cables
     E2000 APC to E2000 Cables
     E2000 APC to E2000 APC Cables
     E2000 to E2000, FC, SC, ST or LC Cables
     E2000 APC to LC Cables
     E2000 to LC Simplex Cables
     E2000 APC to SC Cables
     2000 to SC APC Cables
     E2000 to SC APC Simplex Cables
     E2000 to SC Duplex Cables
     E2000 to SC Simplex Cables
     LC Fiber Cables
     LC to Biconic or FC Cables
     MT-RJ Cables
     MU Fiber Cables
     SC to FC Singlemode Cables
     SC to SC or FDDI Multimode Cables
     ST to FC Fiber Cables
     ST to ST or SC Multimode Cables
     ST to SC Singlemode Cables
     ST to ST Singlemode Cables
     VF45 to LC, SC or VF45 Cables

Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at its Best !
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