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Custom Computer Cables

We are a custom manufacturer of quality computer and data communication cables. We have assembled Millions of cables for satisfied customers all over the US and indeed the world.

All of our cable assemblies are fully tested. Fiber optic cables are 100% tested for DB insertion loss, assuring superior performance. Copper cable assemblies are tested for position, continuity, strain relief, shielding integrity, etc...

In addition to custom built cables, many standard length cables are in-stock and ready for Same Day Shipment. Through high quality workmanship, components and tooling, our cables meet and exceed the industry standard specifications.

Today we are manufacturing and marketing all of the following types of custom cable assemblies, in both PVC and Plenum:

     Custom Patch Cables: RJ45 CAT-7, cat6, cat6e, cat5e
     Custom Hydra Assemblies
     Un-terminated octopus cables
     Pre-wired 66 and 110 block assemblies
     Twin-ax, Coax, Triax
     Telco 25 pair, 50 pair, 100 pair, cat 3 and cat 5
     V. 35 router cables
     SCSI 1, SCSI 2 & SCSI 3
     IBM custom cables
     IBM Token Ring, Bas & Tag
     T1, T3 Custom Cables DS1, DS3 cables
     Custom Ethernet Cables
     DSL, ADSL
     Token Ring / Data Connector Cables
     Null Modem Cables
     BNC, SNA, N, TNC
     Reverse-Pin BNC / TNC Assemblies
     Internal Round Cables
     Custom Wire Harnesses
     Power Cables
     Ribbon Cables
     Custom Router Cables
     Nortel Compatible Cables
     Cisco Cables, Custom

Experience Custom Cable Manufacturing at its Best !
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